Are partial and full dentures worth the cost?

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Full dentures are the artificial, removable, acrylic replacement of the complete dental arch. These types of dentures provide upper and lower jaw coverage. Full dentures are custom-made to adjust the entire mouth. Full dentures consist of two parts, artificial teeth, and a denture base. Artificial teeth provide all the functions of teeth, which are eating and chewing just like your natural teeth. While the denture base provides support and holds the artificial teeth in place, it also protects the worn tissues of the mouth. Do Partial and full dentures worth the cost?


Unlike complete dentures, partial dentures replace only a few teeth and do not provide full coverage. They do not replace the entire upper or lower series of teeth. A patient tends to have healthy teeth in the upper and lower dental arch to have partial dentures.


Types of full dentures


  • Immediate Complete Dentures: orthodontists provide these dentures after the tooth extraction procedure. They provide time for gums and tissues to heal and recover from extraction.


  • Conventional Complete Dentures: These dentures are custom-made and look like natural teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Complete Denture: Implant-supported dentures are placed into the jawbone to secure the jawbone. Implants provide structural support and stability to the dentures while significantly reducing bone loss.



Types of Partial Denture


  • Plastic Partial Dentures: made from plastic, they are cheaper than metal dentures. But they require careful tending to ensure no damage to the other tooth of the patient.
  • Metal Partial Dentures: made from chromium and cobalt alloy, they are much more expensive, stronger yet lighter, and more prone to adjust than plastic dentures.


Benefits of partial and full dentures


  • The ability to replace lost teeth is the simplest reason to choose partial or complete dentures.
  • They improve your capacity to speak and chew. Dentures are a less intrusive and simpler method for replacing lost teeth. They also allow you to recover function and confidence in your mouth.
  • Your teeth contribute to the structure and health of your mouth. They also facilitate bone formation in the jaw. Even one missing tooth disturbs this balance. Dentures preserve the overall structure of your teeth and the look of your jaw.
  • Unlike permanent options such as dental implants, full dentures can be removed whenever you choose. This makes it easier for you to maintain your oral hygiene.
  • Dentures help you to eat whatever you like without being worried about your teeth.




Hence, dentures are artificial teeth provided to those who suffer from tooth loss. As per one’s needs, people can either choose complete or partial dentures to satisfy their demands and take in the full bliss of life with minimum input.


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