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Full jaw restoration is a dental procedure that aims to restore a patient’s smile and oral functionality. This type of procedure is very useful when teeth have become severely worn down over the years. When this happens, the jaw eventually becomes misaligned. This results in functionality and appearance related issues that can have a big impact on the patient’s life. In many instances, the cause of the problem is associated with teeth grinding or clenching. When teeth become overly warn and jaw closure becomes exceedingly excessive, teeth eventually become shorter.

Painful Headaches

When this happens, the muscles of the jaw are strained in an over engaged way that is unnatural resulting in problems. In fact, this causes chronic and excessive pain in the jaw as well as neck and may result in exceedingly chronically painful headaches. Jaw restoration can correct this problem. As an added bonus, full jaw or full mouth restoration can improve the patient’s smile quite substantially. It also helps to avoid the sunken face appearance so common in patients with jaw-related problems.

Healthier and More Natural

The process often involves the placement of dental implants and porcelain bridges. These aspects of jaw restoration help to rebuild teeth so that they keep the jaw in the correct position at all times. The end result is a healthier and more natural dental structure that reduces pain and the symptoms of a poorly aligned jaw. In many cases, full jaw restoration can also correct something known as a gummy smile or what is viewed as a thin-lipped smile. With so many benefits, it’s clear to see why full jaw restoration has become so important in recent days. Contact your dental implant dentist in Walnut Creek, Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Dental Implant Solutions today to learn more.



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