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With today’s modern dentistry, dental bridges play a vital and important role in helping people to enjoy a better quality of life. That said there are instances where dental implants are clearly a better choice when looking at the pros and cons associated with dental bridges. Both of these dental techniques certainly have their advantages and disadvantages and are well worth investigating in detail if you are missing one or more teeth. For example, dental bridges are more cost-effective for those who are on a budget or simply do not have dental insurance. At the end of the day, it is about replacing missing teeth so that you have improved functionality and a better appearance. Let’s take a deeper look at Dental Implants Vs Dental Bridges and which one should you choose. 


Failed Bridge


Replace a Failed Bridge 


With dental bridges, there is no need for invasive surgery. This may be a big concern for some people who are apprehensive or concerned about having surgery. Another key consideration with regard to dental bridges vs dental implants is that a bridge may not last as long as an implant. This is something to consider with regard to the fact that in several years or a decade it may be necessary to once again have dental work done to replace a failed bridge. With dental implants, the finished product is more permanent and long-lasting. As a matter of fact, dental implants can last decades and even an entire lifetime. 


Superior Choice


Superior Choice 


Finally, with regard to dental bridges as compared to dental implants, dental implants are important because they help to preserve jawbone mass. This is a major consideration in light of the fact that when teeth go missing and there is no replacement such as a dental implant, there is eventually a degradation of bone mass in the jaw. This may ultimately result in more teeth falling out over time. That is why dental implants are considered to be a superior choice as compared to bridges. Either way, both solutions have their benefits and must be considered carefully between you and your dental care provider. Talk with your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Dental Implant Solutions today if you have any questions about Dental Implants Vs Dental Bridges. 


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