Dental Veneers – Pros and Cons

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Many pros and cons can be gathered from having dental veneers. They are a fantastic option to enhance teeth that are damaged or discolored. Two visits are all it takes for a veneer procedure, and you may achieve desired results. Most dental veneers have a natural look to them and will not stain in general, however, the procedure is irreversible since the teeth have to be shaped in specific situations.  


Dental Veneers – Pros and Cons


Veneers can correct a smile in a few simple procedures for people who do not wish to undergo orthodontic treatment for tiny gaps or slightly misaligned teeth. 


Veneers have a variety of key pros and cons to consider. It is always advisable to look at the advantages and disadvantages of any treatment so that you can decide if it is the best solution for you. A lot of people opt to have veneers done after evaluating the benefits and downsides. Most of them believe that the benefits of veneers greatly exceed any potential drawbacks. 




Naturally flawless in appearance: 


 Veneers are made of white and transparent materials. Just as tooth enamel reflects light, this material also reflects light. Veneers mostly appear like your actual teeth and they are naturally white. Many people don't know that their favorite musician, movie star, or coworker's gleaming white teeth are actually dental veneers. 




Minimally invasive procedure:  


Unlike crowns and bridges, dental veneers do not require extensive tooth preparation. Usually, it is only limited to removing the outer layer of the front surface of the teeth, which makes the teeth more durable than if they were to have complete crowns. It also gives the teeth a more natural look. 




Fixes most minor dental problems:  


Veneers can be used to fix a wide range of minor aesthetic dental problems. As a result of its versatility, veneers can be used to fill in gaps between teeth as well as conceal discolored, chipped, or fractured teeth. Benefits such as these can be used to turn crooked teeth into perfectly symmetric ones 




Strong and durable to last for years: 


Veneers can be used in a variety of ways. Dentists can develop a veneer that matches a person's teeth. There are other veneers (such as pressed porcelain) that are strong enough to give structural support for mildly damaged teeth. In addition, this sort of veneer is durable enough to survive for many years. Some veneers are strong enough to replace a crown in cases when the tooth's structure is not severely compromised. 






May temporarily increase tooth sensitivity: 


 To install a dental veneer, dentists remove the enamel layer of the tooth due to which it might become more sensitive to hot and cold drinks and food. One of the drawbacks of veneers is that they may not protect sensitive teeth from being irritated by hot or cold drinks and food. Even though tooth sensitivity is usually minor, transient or non-existent but people who struggle with teeth sensitivity question whether veneers are good or bad for them. 




Irreversible damage to tooth structure: 


Once the tooth shaping is completed, the tooth structure is gone for good. This structure must be replaced with a healthy, kind, and biocompatible material capable of protecting the treated tooth's dentine and nerve bed. Natural loss, on the other hand, cannot be restored. If dental veneers are just used to improve the appearance of a natural healthy smile, one should consider this natural loss and then make a decision based on their needs. 




Relatively costly: 


Veneers are a more expensive option than other materials such as composite veneers or bonding. However, the final result and subsequent impact they provide, make their price well worth it. 






After everything that has been said, it should not be forgotten that dental veneers are a great option for those who wish to have a beautiful smile. When weighing up the pros and cons, it's necessary to take into account your preferences. Once you have considered everything and choose veneers, they can offer you a smile that is long-lasting and exudes confidence. To learn more about the pros and cons of dental veneers, contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh, at Dental Implant Solutions.




*There is no treatment guide on this website, and it should not be used as a substitute for professional dental advice from a dentist. It is highly recommended that you get the advice of a qualified dentist or other medical practitioners regarding your specific dental condition.  


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