Denture Alternatives – Dental Implants or All-On-Four?

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  • Denture Alternatives - Dental Implants or All-On-Four


As far as tooth replacement options go, there are some good denture alternatives available today. Most would agree that dental implants are the best choice. Dental implants look and function exactly like natural teeth and reduce the likelihood of jawbone loss. That said each patient is unique and different and that is why some patients may benefit from dental implants while others would benefit more from dentures, and yet other patients would benefit from an all-on-four option. Dentures are usually a good choice because of their convenience and the fact that they can be easily removed to be maintained and clean.


Permanent and Lasting Solution


Conversely, some patients choose to have each and every tooth that is missing replaced with dental implants and crowns. This is considered a good choice for those looking for a very permanent and lasting solution when replacing missing teeth. That said this can be a time-consuming and costly alternative. One other option is to consider all-on-four tooth replacement. In this case dental implants are placed in strategic locations as a way to accept a full arch or partial denture. Once all-on-four implants have been placed, snap on dentures or a permanent arch can then be placed.


Denture Alternatives


The Appliance Remains Secure at All Times


The benefit of snap on dentures is that they look like natural teeth and can be removed as necessary to clean and maintain. They simply clip into place ensuring that there is no rubbing, shifting or rocking of dentures. Implants ensure that the appliance remains secure all times. For a more permanent solution, dental implants can be placed and then a permanent arch attached to these implants. This results in a lasting and permanent tooth replacement option. Choosing which option is best for you simply involves meeting with your dental care provider to discuss all possibilities with regard to tooth replacement. Contact your Walnut Creek Implant dentist, Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Dental Implant Solutions today for more information about denture alternatives.


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