Extracting Wisdom Teeth May Prevent Future Problems

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When a tooth becomes decayed, damaged or diseased it is usually necessary to extract that tooth, especially when root canal therapy is not an option. Conversely, the purpose of extracting wisdom teeth is sometimes not as obvious. In other words, a wisdom tooth may seem perfectly fine and not produce any pain or be diseased. However, in many cases it may actually be better to remove a wisdom tooth as opposed to leaving it in place. The main reason for removing a wisdom tooth is to prevent damage to surrounding teeth or prevent other dental problems later on especially below the gum line.


Remain Trappe Below Gum Line


Remain Trapped Below the Gum Line


One of the main issues with wisdom teeth is that they erupt later in life usually in the later teens or early 20s. When this happens, there is often a lack of adequate space to accommodate the newly erupted teeth. The end result is crowding of teeth and eventually crooked teeth. In some cases, a wisdom tooth may actually remain trapped below the gum line. This is known as an impacted tooth and may cause infection as well as gum disease and other related problems. An impacted wisdom tooth can be equally as concerning because of its effect on adjacent or immediately surrounding teeth.


No Pain or Indication of a Problem


No Pain or Indication of a Problem


Even the pressure caused by an impacted wisdom tooth can cause damage to surrounding tooth roots. This may cause problems later on down the road such as an increased risk of disease and eventually tooth loss. Again, perhaps one of the biggest issues with regard to wisdom teeth related problems is that there is usually no pain or indication of a problem. It is only through dental imaging and dental examinations that problems can be identified. As always, maintain a good home dental care regimen and have routine dental checkups to ensure that all your teeth including wisdom teeth are in good health. Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh at Dental Implant Solutions, today to learn more about extracting wisdom teeth.


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