How A Single Missing Tooth Harms Your Jawbone

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Dental experts would likely all agree that a missing tooth can ultimately damage oral health. Teeth can go missing for a wide variety of reasons. For example, untreated tooth decay can result in a tooth dying and eventually falling out. In addition, gum disease that is the result of untreated bacterial infections can damage gums and the teeth. Ultimately, teeth will become more susceptible to tooth decay and eventually fall out when bacterial infections are not properly treated. Even traumatic injury caused by accidents or sports related injuries can cause tooth loss.


Result in the jawbone shrinking


Result in The Jawbone Shrinking


Not only is a missing tooth uncomfortable but it is also unattractive. Aside from these two issues, a missing tooth can affect functionality and make it difficult to chew and eat as well as talk and smile. There are even some cases where a missing one tooth can result in chronic headaches and may even increase the risk of oral infection. Missing teeth are also a problem because they result in the jawbone shrinking and eventually it becomes receded. This tends to weaken other teeth and cause more missing teeth. It is perhaps something like the domino effect.


A Single Tooth May Cause Gum Disease


A Single Missing Tooth May Cause Gum Disease


In addition, a missing teeth can result in surrounding teeth growing into the gap. This creates a problem with crooked or crowded teeth. Even more concerning is that a single missing tooth may cause gum disease and promote more bacterial growth in the mouth. Replacing a single tooth is easy with today’s modern dentistry. Everything from bridges to dental implants can easily be used to correct the problem. The first step is in meeting with your dental care provider to see what options are indeed available. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh at Dental Implant Solutions, today to learn more about how missing teeth can damage your jawbone.


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