How Can Root Canal Help You?

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Root canal therapy is the first-line treatment for infected teeth pulp and makes them healthy and complete. It doesn't matter that the teeth are infected; RCT helps get the teeth to work without losing natural teeth.


How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?


Root canal therapy makes the teeth work like all other regular teeth. After getting the crown, people can enjoy eating anything without fearing getting their teeth infected. The only difference is that the pulp has artificial material, making the teeth insensitive.



When a candidate gets root canal therapy for a tooth, it becomes permanently dead. The tooth's connection to the living parts of the body is disconnected as all the nerves and blood vessels are cut off from the pulp of the tooth. When there is no nerve in the pulp, there is no passage of the message from the brain. People often confuse the already dead tooth after getting root canal treatment. RCT is done when the tooth is grown completely and can rely on tissues for survival. In contrast, if a tooth is dead already, it means it is not being provided with proper blood and nutrients and needs to be removed or treated correctly.


The teeth become sensitive for some days before getting the crown. There is nothing like teeth sensitivity when the crown is attached snuggly to the pulp. The brain's connection is lost and filled with artificial pulp, which is insensitive to any pain. The patient won't feel pain or pressure while eating or in any oral cavity disease.


There is no place for the germs to reside and grow. The root canal filled with artificial gutta-percha is antibacterial and prevents the infection from occurring again. No nutrients are present for the germs. Instead of growing and accumulating there, they ultimately die or are eliminated by proper cleaning and brushing. The other reason is that the root canal is sealed, so there is no space for the germs to go inside and cause cavities.


How Successful Is Root Canal Therapy?


Root canal therapy is as successful as other dental treatments. There are only myths that keep people confused and afraid. Almost 8 to 9 root canal treatments are successful out of every 10. They last about ten years or more if taken proper care of. Some RCTs cause inflammation and sensitivity for short before getting the crowns. Once you have crowns on, they work just like regular teeth.


Final Thoughts


Root canal treatment can help pretty much like regular teeth. After getting the treatment, you must have follow-up appointments with your dentist to ensure proper root canal work. If the canal is not sealed correctly or the crown doesn't fit properly, your dentist can fix it if detected soon. The care involves the steps you do for your natural teeth, like regular brushing and flossing. 


Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Dental Implant Solutions today to learn more about how root canal treatment can help you.




How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?


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