Impacts of Diet on Oral Health in Long-Term

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  • Impacts of Diet on Oral Health in Long-Term


Preventing cavities is serious business whether you are young or old. That said what you eat really does matter today. Especially as the food we have access to as a society has indeed changed a lot. Food is more processed and more refined than ever before and that is not good news for those concerned about overall dental health. In the old days a snack was a healthy apple that was high in fiber and naturally occurring sugars. Today is likely to be a doughnut or potato chips.


Frequent Exposure of The Teeth to Acid


Poor choices in diet means that bacteria in the mouth will almost instantly begin converting sugars and carbohydrates into acids. These acid compounds go to work right away in attacking tooth enamel. This in essence is the first stage of what will in time become tooth decay. The more frequent the exposure of the teeth to acid producing foods the more tooth decay is likely to occur. As a result the tooth decay process will continue to progress until it becomes outwardly visible in the form of noticeable cavities as well as plaque and tarter.


  • Broccoli is an Excellent Source of Calcium


Broccoli is an Excellent Source of Calcium


The smart food choice when it comes to good oral health includes foods that are naturally rich in calcium. Keep in mind that milk and milk products are not the only foods that are reported to have high calcium content. As a matter of fact even broccoli is surprisingly rich in naturally occurring calcium. Best of all this source of calcium is also rich in fiber. Whether cooked or eaten raw, broccoli is an excellent source of calcium and the fiber needed to keep teeth clean and free of acid forming substances. That said even when eating foods high in beneficial fiber it is always a good idea to brush and floss frequently. Visit your Walnut Creek dentist, Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Dental Implant Solutions today if you want to learn more about impacts of diet on oral health.


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