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In today’s modern world of dentistry, dental braces are an accepted way of straightening crooked teeth. Through the use of ceramic or metal brackets and a series of wires, the teeth are pressured over time into the correct position. When talking about Invisalign vs braces, one thing to consider is that the technology is highly effective but somewhat more expensive than traditional braces. In addition, Invisalign offers the wearer greater flexibility in terms of being able to remove aligners to sleep or eat. In addition, with Invisalign some types of dental conditions cannot be corrected. That is why metal braces are still important in modern dentistry. 




Best Levels of Personal Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence


With Invisalign it is possible to go about your daily routine with many people not even noticing that you have a teeth alignment system in place. This is great for young adults and teens that wish to maintain the best level of personal self-esteem and self-confidence. Because the aligners are clear, they offer a greater freedom for patients. In addition, with this invisible type teeth straightening technology, retainers are not necessary. The time needed to correct teeth alignment with Invisalign can be as much as half of what is required with traditional metal braces. While Invisalign can be a little more expensive, the benefits are worth considering. 




3D Digital Imaging Can Be Used to Greatly Improve the Final Outcome 


From crowded teeth to an overbite or gaps and spaces, both Invisalign and braces can produce impressive results. Visiting with your dental care provider or orthodontist is the first step in achieving excellent results with regard to straightening crooked teeth. Through x-rays, photographs, and molds, your dental care provider can determine the best course of action with regard to Invisalign vs braces. Even 3D digital imaging can be used to greatly improve the final outcome with regard to fixing teeth alignment. It is clear to see why modern dental technology is so impressive when it comes to straightening crooked teeth. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Dental Implant Solutions today to know more about Invisalign vs braces. 


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