Is Dental Insurance Worth the Cost?

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Is Dental Insurance Worth the Cost


Dental health and wellness are a very important part of overall life in general. That said the initial response to the question is that insurance is indeed worth the cost. But let’s understand why this is in fact the case. Today the majority of dental insurance plans available focus on prevention and diagnosis. They typically cover two annual exams and a cleaning. X-rays are also usually included in a base plan as well as fluoride treatment. In addition, most standard dental plans today cover everything from crowns to root canals and fillings as well as other similar procedures.


Comprehensive Home Dental Care


The real benefit comes if there is some type of serious dental emergency. This is where the justification for dental insurance really makes sense. While policies can vary widely in price and benefits, choosing the right one may take some time but is well worth the effort. As a side note, having a good comprehensive home dental care routine in place that includes daily brushing and cleaning is equally as important as having the right type of insurance. Preventative planning is always the best option. It is also worth pointing out that most coverage today does not cover pre-existing conditions.


Few Different Varieties when it Comes to Dental Plans


Cosmetic dentistry is also typically not covered by dental insurance. Keep in mind that insurance comes in a few different varieties when it comes to plans. For example, there is the HMO or health maintenance organization. The HMO restricts coverage to dental professionals within a specific network. Conversely, a PPO or preferred provider organization type plan allows patients to visit with a dentist outside of their network. Most dental plans today are PPOs. There is another option with something known as an indemnity plan. This allows patients to see any dentist and typically will pick up a percentage of the cost of treatment.


  • Find the Best Program


Find the Best Program


Finally, those who may decide to forgo dental insurance may find other options. This includes plans that require payment of an annual fee to receive dental services at a set rate or at a prespecified discount. The best way to know for sure which program will fit your needs is to talk with your dental care provider and several insurance companies. By comparing plans, you will find the best program for you and your family’s needs. To learn more about dental insurance and overall dental health and wellness contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Dental Implant Solutions today.


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