Myths About Getting a Root Canal

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Today more than ever before it is easy to save a tooth through a procedure known as root canal. This endodontic treatment is a procedure that is designed to save a tooth that would otherwise be lost. That said, many people misunderstand and believe through television shows and print media that it is somehow a scary and painful event. While there is always some minor pain following any dental procedure, for the most part it is a painless routine procedure that produces impressive results.


Another False Claim


Another False Claim


One of the most obvious misconceptions or myths about root canal is that it is incredibly painful. Through the use of anesthesia and pain medication, root canal may feel like nothing more than a severe toothache. Others believe the treatment can result in serious illness. This is simply not true and another false claim that is spread through the media or by word-of-mouth. There is also confusion with regard to those thinking that it is better to have a tooth removed than to receive root canal therapy. Note that the main goal is always to save natural teeth whenever possible.


Very High Success Rate


Very High Success Rate


That is why root canal is always the smarter choice as compared to pulling a tooth. There are many problems associated with having to replace a missing tooth. It is always better to try and save the natural tooth. Endodontic treatment today enjoys a very high success rate and will typically last a lifetime. That said replacing a tooth that has been extracted with an implant or bridge requires more effort, more time and more trauma. When it comes to the myths about getting a root canal, it is best to talk with your dental care provider to find out the true story. Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Dental Implant Solutions, today to learn more about endodontic care.


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