Orthodontic Care For Adults

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Orthodontic Care For Adults


Orthodontic treatment or care is an important aspect of overall dental wellness for adults of any age. This is particularly true when it comes to adults who may have required braces as children but did not get them. Keep in mind that orthodontic care is effective at just about any age. While it is best when it is administered at a young age, it can still help adults in a very substantial way. Expect orthodontic treatment for adults is used to correct overall oral health related problems as well as appearance and self-esteem related issues.


The Uneven Wearing of Tooth Enamel


As a note, orthodontic issues that have an impact on children can have an equally concerning effect on adults, especially when left untreated. Not surprisingly, years of poor jaw and tooth alignment can create substantial damage to the jaw, gums and teeth. The health risks associated with improper jaw alignment and crooked teeth can result in everything from headaches to earaches and the uneven wearing of tooth enamel over time. In addition, adults with misalignment issues may have chewing as well as biting and speaking related problems that are ongoing. Everything from facial pain to jaw pain and the inability to properly clean teeth can create serious problems.


A Big Impact on The Lives Of Adults


A Big Impact on The Lives Of Adults


The good news is that adults of just about any age who choose to pursue orthodontic care can have their teeth effectively straightened and properly aligned as necessary. In short, orthodontic care is just not for children but can have a big impact on the lives of adults too. The only thing that is different in orthodontic care in adults as compared to children is that in adults the jaw is no longer growing. This creates a different set of challenges for the orthodontist. These challenges can be overcome to help adults enjoy a better quality of life through improved dental wellness. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Dental Implant Solutions today to learn more.


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