Should You Get Teeth Scaling & Root Planning?

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Yes, dental scaling and root planning are significant to avoid chronic infections in your oral cavity. It will remove all the plaque accumulated on the teeth enamel without causing any damage to it. Root planing is done after teeth scaling to get your gums reattached to your teeth to avoid any sensitivity or bacterial growth.


These treatments also help eliminate the bacteria residing inside your gums and in the roots of your teeth. So, this helps prevent any further infection or any pre-existing disease from worsening.


How Often Should You Get Dental Scaling and Root Planning?

 Root Planning 

The process and time of treatment depend upon the condition of your dental health. If you are suffering from acute or chronic infections like chronic peritonitis, your dentist may suggest you visit the clinic two or three times a year to get deep cleaning. Some dentists do not go for scaling of all the teeth at one time.


They are more comfortable dividing and sectioning the teeth into two or three parts and doing the treatment according. The duration of the process depends on how many teeth a single part contains and the present condition. If you are getting one session at one time, you may have to visit two or three times to get the complete process done.


If you are a healthy person who takes good care of your dental health, you can go for only one or two sessions per year to maintain your good oral health.


Do Dental Scaling and Root Planning Have Any Side Effects?


There are certain myths regarding dental scaling and root planning that we have heard. But let me debunk some for you, and you will be surprised for sure. Some people might think that dental scaling and root planning destroy the natural shine of the teeth and damages the enamel. But that's not true at all as it is the cleaning process for your teeth.


The process is as safe as any other dental treatment. It will not damage or tear the enamel layer until you do it, as advised by your dentist. It varies from person to person; if done more times than required, it will lead to enamel damage and increased tooth sensitivity. So, consider what your dentist suggests.


Final Thoughts


Teeth scaling and root planning is a completely safe and healthy process as it will not cause any discomfort or damage to the outer part and will also attach your gums with your teeth and smoothen them to avoid any infection in your future. It can help in treating periodontitis and receding gum diseases. But if you are getting it more times than prescribed, it will tear enamel, causing increased tooth sensitivity.




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