The Advantages of Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

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Considered a routine dental restoration, porcelain inlays and onlays are a type of modification to teeth that ultimately restructures the tooth’s anatomy and functionality. The end result is a perfect restoration that looks and feels exactly like the patient’s natural teeth. While in some ways, inlays are very similar to metal fillings, they are more visually appealing and serve to strengthen teeth and replace fillings that have become damaged. The good news is that inlays and onlays when properly placed can easily last for decades if not an entire lifetime. The benefits to the patient are many including a greatly improve visual appearance and smile. 


Designing and Crafting


Properly Designing and Crafting


There are many advantages to consider when talking about inlays. For example, the porcelain material that is used to create this type of dental add-on is remarkably durable. Inlays and onlays look impressively natural and they help to improve the bite while at the same time adding greater strength and protection to the patient’s real teeth. That said it is important to note that there is a level of complexity involved with properly designing and crafting inlays and onlays so that they result in a perfect customized fit. One major advantage of inlays is that they greatly reduce bacterial leakage as is often experience with conventional fillings. 


Beautiful Smile


A Beautiful Smile Has Never Been Easier to Achieve 


Ultimately, when properly placed they can greatly improve bite while reducing wear and tear on natural teeth. As an added bonus, with inlays and onlays there is no need for invasive surgical procedures that are often experienced with dental crowns, bridges or implants. Restoring one’s dental health and a beautiful smile has never been easier. Simply stated, dental patients have more choices than ever before when it comes to restoring teeth and creating a vibrant and beautiful smile. With so much to offer it’s clear to see why porcelain inlays and onlays are so popular today. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Dental Implant Solutions today to learn more. 


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