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Clear aligners like Invisalign straighten teeth. But it's hazy. Invisalign gently moves your teeth with clear aligners manufactured from computer-generated photographs and impressions. Invisalign employs a series of custom-made molds to move your teeth into place rather than set wires.


Now we'll get deeper into Invisalign. This is the typical step-by-step process most patients go through when seeking treatment.


For The Starters


Initially, set up a consultation with a highly skilled dentist. You can expect to see the same dentist afterward as well to see what Invisalign can do for you! So, you may choose wisely.


  • Scans and photos
  • X-rays may be required later
  • Experts will take multiple photos and x-rays of your mouth to acquire a complete picture
  • These tests may be required. A dental x-ray that illustrates the jaw cheekbone relationship
  • These images help to comprehend. Making invisalign aligners involve tooth impressions (or tray)


Job Duties


A few little composite patches on each tooth can help Invisalign clear aligners fit correctly. Not every patient needs them. Used in tooth fillings and readily removed following Invisalign treatment. Patients' interproximal deterioration varies. This complex-sounding procedure is used to open up a patient's mouth. These discs will be used to remove enamel to improve movement.




Braces and Invisalign are inserted at the same time. First, tighten the clear aligners. Your dentist may need to test out several molds. People usually inquire how the trays feel, if they can move, and unpleasant. It takes time to acclimate to Invisalign braces. To begin, they should be snug but not unpleasant. Invisalign should not be used if the initial fitting is painful. They're odd at first, but grow on you!


New Shape


They can first cause noticeable changes in the mouth. Getting used to Invisalign can be a challenge, but it's natural. Disadvantages of braces:


  • When your teeth are forces into their new position, you may geel pain and discomfort. This shoul pass soon.
  • Sensitive Invisalign teeth are more susceptible to sensitivity. For a few days, use sensitive-toothed toothpaste.
  • With regular use, you may notice subtle changes in your speech.
  • The clear aligners restrict tongue movement in the mouth.


That'll take a few weeks. To help your tongue acclimatize, Invisalign's 20-22 hour rule is often applied to give patients relief.


Invisalign Fix


Replace your Invisalign aligners every one to two weeks. Incorrect tooth migration may extend this time window. It moves your teeth closer to their ideal place. Soreness or discomfort between visits should be mentioned.


Cleaning your Invisalign


Cleaning Invisalign braces is easy! Clean your trays properly before brushing your teeth. Unclean trays will stink. It is advisable to brush your teeth without toothpaste. Rewash the trays between uses. This method cleans and refreshes them. After use, wipe them clean. After use, a dentist must clean Invisalign. Dentists sell rinses and use this cleaning approach frequently.


Contact your Walnut Creek Dentist, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Dental Implant Solutions to know more about Invisalign Procedure.




Invisalign And Its Benefits Compared To Braces


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