What Are Dental Exams and X-Rays?

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Everyone would agree that overall dental wellness is essential to quality of life. That is why dental exams and x-rays are so important. Regardless of the age of the patient, having regular routine dental exams and x-rays can help to ensure they the highest level of dental health is always maintained. One thing to consider when it comes to dental exams is frequency. Many people wonder how often they should have a dental exam performed. The simple answer is that everyone is different. Depending on age, dental health condition and overall health and wellness, these exams can vary from person to person. 


Overall Dental Health 


In addition, certain dental work may require more frequent exams all those with very healthy teeth who maintain a good home dental health regimen may not require them as frequently. Consulting with your dental care provider is the best way to know for sure how often dental exams are recommended. X-rays are also an important aspect of overall dental health. Many years ago, dental x-rays were frowned upon because of the perceived notion that in some way they were unsafe. In truth, x-rays are incredibly safe today, especially with modern technology. As compared to just a few decades ago, today’s x-ray technology allows for shorter duration x-ray exposure and at much lower levels of energy. 


Keep Your Teeth and Smile Looking Great 


What Are Dental Exams and X-Rays?


This simply means that dental x-rays are remarkably safe and an important part of overall dental care. They are unique because they allow your dentist to see deep into the inner workings of the oral cavity. Tooth roots, jawbone condition and even the sinuses and other parts of the mouth can be easily examined using modern x-ray technology. With so much to offer it is clear to see why both dental exams and x-rays are so important and so crucial to good dental health. As mentioned, one of the best ways to keep your teeth and smile looking great is to maintain a very focused and disciplined home dental care program. Teaching children the benefits of dental care are equally as important.  


Routine Examinations 


When children learn at a very early age how to properly care for their teeth, they will carry these habits throughout their entire lifetime. Anytime you hear the question, what are dental exams and x-rays you will now likely have a good understanding at this point. Feeling comfortable with your dentist and having a relaxed visit can reduce stress and make the entire experience far more enjoyable. Talk with your dentist as a way to determine what frequency is best for you with regard to routine examinations. In most cases your dentist will recommend bi-annual exams. Contact your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh, at Dental Implant Solutions today for more information. 




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