What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

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Full Mouth Dental Implants


Patients who have lost all of their teeth have the option of choosing an implant supported full bridge or full denture type replacement solution. Dental implants are important because they can replace both a patient's natural teeth as well as the roots. Full Mouth Dental implants are popular today because they provide several clear advantages over other types of teeth replacement technology. Most importantly, today's modern dental implants look and function precisely like natural teeth. They are long lasting, durable and fully functional while looking great. In addition, implant supported dentures and full bridges are an excellent option for those looking for increased levels of comfort and stability as compared to conventional dentures. As an added advantage, full bridges and dentures that make use of dental implants help to maintain jawbone integrity over the short and long-term.


Dental Implants Are Highly Effective


Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of conventional dentures is that they result in the bone that previously surrounded natural teeth roots to become reabsorbed over time. Dental implants work to prevent this type of degradation of bone quality and density. Dental implants are highly effective at integrating very well with the natural jawbone. The ultimate result is better bone quality and improved health. In addition, dental implants are simply much easier to maintain than partial or conventional dentures. Keep in mind that with conventional dentures, there is receding of the jawbone. This results in a recessed and unattractive smile.


A Temporary Tooth Replacement Is Worn


The actual process involved with placing implants is quite simple. The first step involves the dental care provider implanting a screw or post directly into the jawbone. Over the next several months the implants and the bone actually fuse together to form an anchor where artificial teeth will ultimately be placed. During the interim - a temporary tooth replacement is worn over the implant. In most cases a second step of the procedure is required. This involves attaching an extension. These are sometimes referred to as temporary healing caps.


  • Hold New Teeth Firmly In Place


Hold New Teeth Firmly In Place


Depending on the actual number of dental implants that are placed, different types of connecting devices can be used by your dental care provider. These connecting devices are needed to hold new teeth firmly in place. This involves teeth being tightened down on to the implant post. Another option that may be employed involves a device that is clipped to a bar or round ball anchor. This allows a denture to snap on and snap off easily. Conversely, a full bridge or full denture can be created for the patient and is attached to small metal posts. Best of all, whatever type of technology is used, you can be sure that dental implants will improve personal self esteem, self confidence and overall aesthetics. Contact your dental implant dentist in Walnut Creek, Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Dental Implant Solutions today to learn more about full mouth dental implants and all it has to offer.


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