What Is A Dental Extraction?

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A dental extraction is performed by dentists and oral surgeons for various reasons. The problem might be a painful wisdom tooth or a tooth that has been severely decayed. Sometimes the decay in the tooth gets deeper causing activities in the roots and damaging the gums. This type of tooth needs extractions due to its complicated state, which cannot be recovered by cleaning it out.


A dentist may extract a tooth to create dental prostheses or braces in specific instances. Besides this, some people have impacted teeth that do not come out properly from the gums and get blocked there, causing pain that requires surgical removal, This process of pulling out the tooth is called a tooth extraction.


Types of Tooth Extraction



  • Simple Tooth Extraction: Tooth extraction involves extracting a damaged or decayed tooth visible in the mouth. As the tooth is exposed, it does not require much time to remove it permanently. This process is comparatively cheap and takes less time fore recovery. The process is not complicated, so your dentist can perform it and doesn't need aspecial oral surgeon to take both the tooth out from your gums.
  • Impacted Toooth Extraction: Impacted teeth are the ones that face difficulty while coming out from the gums. They may get blocked there. And when they do not come out properly, they can cause severe, frequently occuring pain. Wisdom tooth extraction is a significant example of impacted tooth extraction. When the teeth get blocked, some imaging tests are performed to know the exact location of the teeth so that the extraction processcan be performed smoothly. Incisions are made on the gums to expose the teeth. Then the extraction is done carefully to avoid any damage tothe surrounding gums and teeth. This process requires oralsurgeons to perform the surgery and needs more time to recovery.


How Much Time Does It Require For Recovery?


When an impacted or ectopic tooth is removed, it takes longer for recovery than a simple tooth extraction. Sometimes the bone outgrows and should be removed with the tooth. When a bone is convolved, it takes more time to complete healing, about one to three months. For simple tooth extraction, the patient must give the rest of the tissue for one to two days so that the soft tissues from clotting. The pain keeps getting lesser with each passing day, and most of the patients find it fully recovered on the 5th or 6th day after the extraction. try to eat soft foods and preferably liquids for the first two to three days to prevent any damage to the tissues.


Final Thoughts


Dental extraction does not mean losing the teeth permanently. You can get dental implants that work pretty much like your natural teeth. But the care and precautions after getting tooth extractions are vital because it aids in the healing process and prevents infections at the extraction site. You must always consult your dentist before getting the extraction because it is not the only solution for every decayed tooth.


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Understanding Tooth Extraction Aftercare


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