What is Involved With A Dental Implant Placement

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  • What is Involved With A Dental Implant Placement


As with other types of dental technology, dental implant placement involves detailed procedures and strategies as a way to ensure a successful procedure. One of the first steps in dental implant placement is having your doctor develop an individualized treatment plan. Typically speaking, this type of plan will address the patient's specific needs and is prepared by a team of dental professionals. These professionals can be expected to be expertly trained and will be experienced in a full range of restorative dentistry including oral surgery. This is often referred to as coordinated care and will be based upon the best type of implant option for the patient’s specific dental needs. Once all of this has been determined, the next step is to consider the tooth root implant.


Secure and Permanent


This is simply a small titanium post that is placed directly into the bone socket and is intended to replace the missing natural tooth root. Once the jawbone heals, it eventually grows around this metal post, thereby anchoring it in a secure and permanent way into the jaw. It should be noted that the healing process can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks or longer depending on the individual patient's general oral health. After the implant has permanently bonded with the jawbone, a small connector post is then attached. This connector post is known as an abutment. The main objective of this stage of the procedure is to ensure that the new tooth is held securely to the post.


Support a Natural Looking Removable Denture


In addition, your dentist will likely make an impression of your teeth and then use this model to create replacement teeth known as crowns. A model of the patients bite is important because the impressions that are created offer a clear view of how a patient's teeth are naturally positioned as well as their general arrangement. New teeth are based directly upon this model. Keep in mind that a replacement tooth is known as a crown and that it will be attached directly to the abutment. Alternatively, some patients may choose to have an attachment placed onto the implant that is designed to support a natural looking removable denture. This is an option for those who prefer not to have traditional dentures.


  • Modern Dental Technology


Modern Dental Technology


Finally, your dental care provider will work carefully to match the exact color of the new teeth to your original natural teeth. Since a dental implant is secured directly into the jawbone, the replacement teeth will end up looking, feeling and functioning exactly like natural healthy teeth. With so much to offer it is clear to see why dental implant surgery and the accompanying technology has become so popular in recent days. Patients stand to gain substantially from all that this type of modern dental procedure makes possible. Contact your Walnut Creek implant dentist, Massood Darvishzadeh, DDS at Dental Implant Solutions today to learn more about dental implant surgery and its many benefits.


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