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Dentures require only a few visits to your dentist, including a complete checkup, try-in wax, and the final installment step. Manufacturing dentures is done in multiple steps to ensure the best size and quality. The detailed process of getting dentures is discussed below:


Safety Visit



In the first visit, your dentist will check the condition of your oral health. It is made sure that you don’t have any teeth or gum disease. Because if there is any oral disease present, there is an increased risk of getting it interfered with getting dentures. It will lead to infectious teeth or gum diseases that will ultimately result in unsuccessful dentures for a lifetime. A complete examination of the jawbone and teeth is organized to check the exact location of all the teeth, especially where you will get dentures. If there is any cavity or presence of a flabby tissue, it is removed earlier. Suppose the patient has an auto-immune disease or pre-existing gum disease. In that case, they need to be treated before getting the dentures.


Denture Mould or Sample



To get the perfect fit for your dentures, your mouth is measured precisely. The alignment of both jaws is checked. If there is any misplaced tooth, it is corrected to its place before starting the denture procedure. The upper and lower jaw sample is taken for the perfect shape of dentures and gums. The wax or mould material is applied to the teeth. The patient is asked to close the mouth for a few seconds to ensure that the size is perfect and that there will be no clicking while eating or speaking.


Denture Installment


The denture wax sample is given to the patient to try it on. They look like natural dentures. The only difference is the material. The sample is sent to a laboratory to make the final dentures of this exact shape and size. It can take two to three days to get them done. In the last visit, dentures are fitted to the teeth. The dentures are appropriately cleaned and polished with denture mops before installment to give them a shiny and natural look. You can now start eating whatever you want. Make sure to visit the clinic regularly at least once a month to prevent any after-effects and infection.




Simply put, dentures take only a few visits, while other teeth replacements like dental implants are done through surgery. These processes can be more painful and time-consuming, while dentures do not cause any pain, and there is no risk of improper healing. Cleaning the dentures before going to sleep, just like you brush your teeth usually, will prevent further infections and reduce the number of visits to the clinic.


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